Solving Hanging with Friends (Pt. 1)

I like to play Hanging with Friends, and those that I play with are very competitive. I’ve been staying on top, but just barely. I’ve spent a lot of time informally deducing. I wondered if I could write a program to solve the games for me.

Where to start? It seemed like a big task…

There are two distinct activities to solving a hangman game:

  1. Finding a list of possible words
  2. Figuring out what letter to guess next

Each can be developed independently and then brought together for an effective solution.

There are many, many ways to do this, but I thought I’d just start hacking away in Ruby and then transition to something else at the pain points. Ater a couple hours of late-night coding, I found the Ruby-only solution to be good enough for personal use.

Part 2 deals with figuring out which letter to guess next
Part 3 focuses on how to find the list of possible words
Part 4 brings them together
Part 5 talks about next steps

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