Skyfire Review

Having heard about Skyfire on AppleInsider, I thought it sounded interesting but had no reason to try it–until I was on a vacation with no computer or wifi.  When Hulu Plus failed to deliver, I thought I’d spend the $3 to give Skyfire a chance.

First up attempt, Sherlock on PBS.

Watch the full episode. See more Masterpiece.

Two immediate problems. 1) We had left off at about 20 minutes in, but the video in Skyfire offered no way scrub to that location. 2) Audio not sync’d with video, off by about 1.5 seconds.

Second attempt, Fringe on Fox.  This worked, although I did get interrupted, and had to come back to it.  After which I had to start the video from the beginning again because of the lack of the scrub bar to seek to a location.  But at least the audio was synched and the picture looked pretty good for 3G.

Bottom line: $3 price tag is the upper limit of what I’d pay for this.  At least it’s a one-time cost and the service will hopefully improve with time.  The real value here is not the browser, but the backend service to transcode Flash videos.

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